December 07, 2020

Animated educational videos make learning easy, fun and more effective

Animated educational videos make learning easy, fun and more effective

Educational video content is an emerging, smart and preferred way of both teaching and learning. Leveraging the popularity of this concept, we have curated educational videos lessons that cover the complete syllabus of every subject, which is segregated into chapters and concepts delivered through participatory mediums like quizzes, games, questions and lessons. The animated videos provide comprehensive learning and develop all essential skills needed to build a solid educational foundation including application of learned concepts in real life.

Under this initiative to make learning fun and effective, we collaborated with our partner Central Square Foundation and started our YouTube channel 'TicTacLearn Gujarati'. This platform features all the educational videos curated, processed and delivered by the best talents in Gujarati language for students of standard 3,4 and 5. Each content is specifically designed based on the learning capabilities of children belonging to each standard. Children can now learn abstract and complex concepts in an easy and fun way through higher levels of engagement using interactive video content available on the platform. Such a creative learning experience effectively yields great results.

This initiative has been highly successful in creating a love for learning among students.

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