Sincere hard work is always rewarded

Hasmukhbhai Sutaria, Chitroda village, Idar

They say, if we truly wish for something to happen, the universe makes the way for us. I am Hasmukhbhai Sutaria from Chitroda village of Idar taluka. My son, Yug, is a brilliant student of Shri M. R. Vyas High School, Chitroda. But unfortunately, one of my legs had to be operated on twice and I could no longer work beyond certain limits. Our financial condition became very weak and I could no longer afford his educational expenses. Under such difficult circumstances, it became important for us that Yug appeared for the National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) exam, scored well and availed the scholarship to continue his education. But we needed someone who could prepare him for the examination.

I met Kapilbhai while working as an Education Coordinator for Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation. Kapilbhai also worked for the foundation and offered me help when he came to know of our unfortunate circumstances. He took the responsibility and started training my son for the scholarship exam. Yug started enjoying the process and irrespective of the day and time, he would run to Kapilbhai, sometimes even to kapilbhai’s home, to get his doubts solved personally. Kapilbhai never felt tired of him and always welcomed him warm-heartedly. When Yug fell ill with dengue, Kapilbhai himself came home to teach him. Like a family, he cared for my son. Words fall short to describe his selfless dedication in training my son. It was as if it became necessary for Kapilbhai that my son achieved the scholarship.

Because of the ever strong and constant support from the foundation and Kapilbhai, my son Yug scored 127 marks in the NMMS exam. He also made it to the merit list. We will soon receive the monthly scholarship that will help us to afford his educational expenses. My son can now continue his education and continue to make me proud with his brilliance. A lot of kids like Yug have received tremendous support and cooperation from Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation. Their heart-filled efforts are commendable and we thank them for the same.