The dream of becoming the guiding star for the society

For the last 7 years, I have been working in Primary School No.2 of Chithoda village in Vijaynagar taluka. I have seen teachers come and go. But when Dr. K. R. Shroff foundation appointed Sarojben followed by Jiteshbhai Parmar in 2017-18, I was left awestruck by their unique and new creative ways of teaching. The development of the school and students that was brought about by the efforts of these two teachers, is truly just as inspirational as it is heartwarming.

In my entire teaching experience, I have also come across a lot of students carrying numerous stories of hardships in their little hearts. But today, I want to talk about a student whose life struggles are heart breaking; but her resolution to win over every challenging situation is equally heart winning. Her name is Dhruvi. Shining bright like the Dhruv star, she outshined her peers not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. The only thing she lacked was the love and presence of her mother and father. She lost her parents tragically. Her mother committed suicide due to various personal reasons and the police arrested her father. Even today her father is behind the bars. At a very young age, she was left bereft of parental support. Her little heart became heavy and lost direction.

Dhruvi started living with her maternal grandmother. She is a visionary who has always seen life’s bigger picture. She keeps reminding Dhruvi, "Learn well and become an Officer. Only then will you be able to guide society towards change." Her words have planted a dream in Dhruvi’s heart - of becoming a Police Officer. She has not only dreamt but she relentlessly works every day to fulfill it. She is firm, excited and filled with willpower and self-confidence. She studies hard and says only one thing - I want to become an SP and uplift the society by stopping crimes.

It was Jiteshbhai Parmar who taught Dhruvi mathematics, science and english from standard 5th to 7th. She says, “The basic mathematics, science and english that I learned from Jiteshbhai has been very useful to me in standard 8th and 9th, and I am sure it will be very useful to me in the future. Jiteshbhai used to teach us in unique, new and creative ways; conducting experiments of science and using various cards for english. This helped us in understanding the concepts easily and quickly. He made difficult subjects easy for us.” She has started enjoying her studies and mathematics has become her favorite subject. I pray to god that her dream of becoming Superintendent of Police comes true and she becomes the guiding star for the society.