True success is always visible and measurable

Maheshbhai Patel, Cluster Head

Numbers matter. But so does quality. The Patel community of Kubadharol Village had enough money to send their kids to cities for schoolings. Kubadharol village had Shri K. B. Patel High School with standards 9th and 10th but did not have enough staff. The word of this void reached the village where Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation works for developing education infrastructure in rural areas. The school's Vice Principal contacted us.

In 2017, after detailed deliberation of their situation and the needs of the school, we appointed Pareshbhai Parmar to teach mathematics and science. The results of this synergy between school's teachers and foundation’s staff was splendid. The school scored 69.69% that year which was only 53% the previous year. Sadly again, the next year, Patel Rameshbhai retired and only two teachers were left with the school. And hence, to not let the student’s education suffer again, we appointed one more teacher Vankar Bhaveshbhai to teach english. That very year, the school scored 83% in 10th board examination and ranked 2nd in the entire taluka.

Both the school and the villagers acknowledged and applauded the foundation for the drastic improvement in academic scores. The villagers who themselves witnessed this transformation in student’s academics as well as character, started calling back their kids from cities to study in the village school.

The villagers have always expressed their gratitude towards us for sparking their children’s holistic development. When they say, "The school is run by the foundation itself", our heart fills with pride, and inspires us to help more children become better individuals.