Our HistoryWe all are one. When all of us prosper and get connected, our true destiny is fulfilled. For this idea to take root within communities and bring about transformative change; focusing on the early years of education is very important.

Such is the philosophy behind the inception of KRSF.

The story of how we became this organization with an impact on communities is an important one and involves the humanitarian philosophy of Dr. K. R. Shroff (1921-1989), one of the top Indian Physicians of his time.

He strongly believed that ‘Giving the less privileged citizens a means to empower themselves is the best form of service towards the Nation’ and practiced the same in his profession and life. With a strong belief in his father’s values, Mr. Pratul Shroff, realized that it is essential to create an environment where rural marginalized communities could be transformed and eventually uplifted to become a strong contributor to the progress of the Nation. He aimed to create programs that facilitated community involvement and enabled them to fulfill their potential.

According to Mr. Pratul Shroff, education holds paramount importance in stimulating this change. Only true education can transform individuals at the grass-root level from being receivers into becoming providers for society. He founded KRSF as the means to use knowledge as the central focus to build self-sufficiency in individuals and make them self-reliant contributors to the Nation’s economic development.

Today, by redefining education with the idea of value-based learning, we have successfully developed not just the potential of students but have also empowered teachers. In the process, we have strengthened the education infrastructure and infused the entire value-chain of imparting education with the right means to make a measurable difference.

We believe that results can only be achieved with collective efforts and by reeling in our community stakeholders to participate, we continue to inspire a holistic change in the society.

Foundation Timeline A glimpse of our growth

Our North-Star Children from all walks of life should be nurtured to become true and meaningful contributors to the society; India, thus will truly achieve 'Swaraj' (Self-Governance).
Creating better educatorsfor tomorrow's self-sufficient and self-reliant society
With a vision to help teachers reach and teach students effectively, we identify, nurture and train local talent in methods of modern learning to become proficient educators. By doing this, we are creating an ecosystem of self-reliant educators, who will ultimately help children become self-sufficient. We continuously add new programs for training our educators, including life lessons, to bring in self-awareness and self-motivation in their working and teaching methodologies.
Building phenomenal team work with Government Schoolsto make everybody win
More than merely teaching, our educators play the role of a life-coach, leader and facilitator of learning. They closely work with teachers in selecting and using modern tools and methods for teaching. This enables them to create an active and collaborative learning model for students and effectively manage the learning environment in which formal education is imparted.
Leveraging technologies for real transformation in educationthat can be measured with a focus on hyper-scaling
We have designed and implemented a SAAS software package Serving Society Through Technology (S2T2), that collects and stores the assessment results of each test that students appear every year. This allows us to precisely monitor the performance of each student across various classrooms, with a great level of detail. The program has allowed us to create better interventions and enhance our education-imparting methodologies.
Uplifting rural education with 360 degree involvement of all stakeholdersto create a self-sustaining educational model that truly shifts gears
We progressively impact greater number of children every year. We regularly interact with parents of students and sensitize them about the importance of education to create a positive environment and ensure that the changes we intend to make, take proper roots. At the same time, we also work closely with the Principals of schools and other teaching staff. We continue to earn the trust of not only our partner communities but also of Government and other NGOs. We always seek new opportunities that shape the future of our children.