The right inspiration can change the approach towards life

Ashaben Dabhi, Education Coordinator , Shri Kalidevi Primary School, Poshina

This is the true story of a sweet boy as narrated by the Education Coordinator Ashaben Dabhi.

I was teaching lower grades in Shri Kalidevi Primary School. Out of the 40 students in class, there was this weak boy who would come to the class but would runaway home during recess. He was never willing to learn anything. Though our fun and interactive learning activities interested him, they could not hold him in school. He would still escape and runaway.

One day, I sat with him and asked if he didn’t want to study. He didn't say a word. I smiled and told him that if he studies well, he will get a good job and can earn well. He can do better farming or do better business. I also gave him an example of a village boy Mukeshbhai Dabhi, who had lost his father at a young age. Even though he didn’t have any food to eat, he still studied and now owns a good business in the village. The boy understood the importance of studying and his approach towards learning transformed completely. He started coming to school regularly. Never late for the classes, he would learn even in the free periods and also during the recess. He would always do his homework. He became better at reading and started showing interest in mathematics.

When the boy was in 5th grade, he was learning the basics. He kept advancing the grades and his learning capabilities. Today, he is in 10th grade and is one of the bright students of the class. His transformation from a weak student to a dedicated learner is truly inspirational and commendable.