Character BuildingCharacter is, in the long run, the decisive factor in the life of individuals and of nations alike

The whole idea behind character development is to teach children the concept of 'doing the greater good', so that their actions can become valuable not just for themselves but also for the society as a whole. Through use of several interactive methods like motivational movies, fun learning techniques, we impart the 'life lessons training' with the intention that children will not only learn but also integrate the experience in their life.

  • Teachers' Education Courses - Jyotirdhar Program 'હું છું જ્યોતિર્ધર અભિયાન'With our revolutionary workshop ‘The Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning’, the goal is to transform and empower teachers through self-thinking, self-improvement, self-purification and self-development; who then act as a role model for children and youths, and mould them into spirited citizens of India.
  • Life Camps and Leadership Development Camps [Grade 7 onwards]In our 3 days residential or non-residential life camps, we incorporate life-oriented subjects. We introduce life principles and values through special curriculum and highly participatory modules and processes, in a way that creates an enjoyable environment for students to share, learn and find out their own selves.
  • Oasis Dream India Camps [Grade 7 onwards]We teach children to be responsible citizens in an environment of complete freedom during the 7-8 days residential camp. They not only learn to live in a community but also learn to find creative solutions to their own problems. Most importantly, they learn to be happy.
  • School Development and socio-economic development at the village levelWe create platforms for various stakeholders to come together, create a buy-in and encourage parents and students to not drop out but continue the school education. We also conduct various school development activities to pull out hidden talent in the children.

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