Foundation LearningEmpowering young lives through education that can shift paradigms

Education is supposed to be a collaborative and nurturing process with special emphasis on fundamental learning; especially now, when the new Education Policy has made exams mandatory from Standard III onwards. As the first step towards this, we conduct a screening of students to know where each student lacks and faces difficulty. We then work with teachers to create a structured lesson plan, that is age and standard appropriate, complete with what material will be covered and what curriculum must be followed for students to effectively learn the basics. To make learning more exciting and effective, we have partnered with several agencies to create animated academic video content in Gujarati for students to watch and learn. We have also developed a unique 'Learning with Fun' method of teaching which includes 4 units:

  • Reinforcement activities
  • Evaluation activities
  • Remedial activities
  • Enrichment activities

All the units focus on concept clarity and are children-centric to ensure maximum engagement of the students. Every unit is designed in a manner that allows the students to learn at their own pace, thus giving equal opportunity to both fast and slow learners. The education level of these students is tested every week by our staff who regularly generate performance reports. The evaluation method makes sure that each student has grasped whatever is taught to him before they move to the next level. By adding an appraisal system to both remedial and enrichment activities for students, we've been able to create a model where every single child in the classroom will have 100% content knowledge at the end of the year.

Success Stories