Central Square FoundationDelhi

Central Square Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization, working with the vision of ensuring quality school education for all children in India. The foundation is driven by its mission to transform the school education system towards improving the learning outcomes of children, especially from low-income communities. By building an effective and inclusive education system, Central Square Foundation aims to ensure that all children get equal access to opportunities needed for leading a better life.

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)Gujarat

Solving complex problems of the social sector, such as education, is beyond the capabilities of any single organization. It requires organizations with diverse capabilities to come together on a common platform and build a collaborative ecosystem; where each player contributes its part in solving the larger problem.

Narmada district in Gujarat, was selected to be a part of the Transformation of Aspirational Districts Program by Niti Aayog in January 2018. The objective of the program was to quickly and effectively transform the districts selected, with education being one of the core areas of focus. To improve the education landscape in the district, Project Shiksha Sathi was launched on 3rd August, 2018 by the District Collector, Narmada in coordination with the District Education Department, Narmada, UNICEF Gujarat and Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation.

Since then, Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation has extended educational support and deployed teachers in 70 remote schools of Dediyapada and Sagbara taluka. UNICEF coordinated with government linkages and provided technical support to the staff of Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation towards capacity building on RTE, SMC strengthening and inclusive education. Our teachers have taught more than 3500 underprivileged students in the remotest locations of Narmada.

Ek StepGujarat

The lack of access to learning opportunities is a complex and multidimensional problem. It impacts the lives of millions of children on a daily basis. In response, Nandan Nilekani, Rohini Nilekani and Shankar Maruwada, co-founded EkStep; a not-for-profit initiative to gather partners on a universal collaborative platform to reimagine learning opportunities for every child. EkStep is an enabler. Our layered and modular platform allows for the co-creation of solutions that are non-linear, agile and scalable. It amplifies the impact of the current educational ecosystem through partner networking.

Educational Initiatives (EI)Ahmedabad

While teaching underprivileged children in the remotest parts of Gujarat, we face a whole new array of challenges. One of them being - Every child learns at a different pace. To effectively win over this challenge of student’s varying learning paces and devising personalised learning experience for each student, we have partnered with Educational Initiative (EI). Their smart assessment system Mindspark, is a personalized adaptive learning tool that helps children to follow a unique learning path based on his or her needs and improves the understanding of their core skills. The weekly assessment results of Mindspark are used by the teachers of Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation to timely address the gaps identified in the student’s skills.

This synergy of Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation and Mindspark have significantly raised student's grades and learning levels. Currently, more than 1300 children from Sabarkantha, Aravalli, Narmada and Botad have registered on Mindspark. We aim to mobilize more than 5000 students on Mindspark soon.

Maa FoundationVapi, Gujarat

Maa Foundation is a Charitable (not-for-profit) Organization completely funded by the Bilakhia family to implement educational reforms in society. Its vision is: to make Valsad District a 'ROLE MODEL' in the field of education. With the help of Maa Foundation, we initiated 'PROJECT VIKAS' in 2012. The basic modules L2R/L2A developed by Maa Foundation are being used extensively for providing basic education to children.

Oasis MovementVadodara, Gujarat

Oasis is a unique organization with an aspiring movement which originated in Vadodara, Gujarat, way back in 1989. Today after almost 3 decades, Oasis programs have reached all major cities and many rural parts of Gujarat, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Krishnagiri, Hosur, Jammu & Kashmir and also of USA & Europe. Oasis believes that 'Education of Hearts' should be at the core of our education system. With this central philosophy, Oasis has been spearheading several initiatives in the areas of personal growth and self-leadership, community development, health and hygiene education, organic farming, rural development and so on. After 27 years of intensively working with youths and children, Oasis understands them better. With such rich experience, Oasis has developed scientific modules of Self-Development and Character-Building for Children, Youths and Adults, which have proved very effective over the last one and a half decades.

Dr. Arvind AminAustin, Texas, USA

Dr. Arvind Amin is a retired engineering professional living in Austin, Texas, USA. He comes to India twice a year for 4 months to uplift the society with his wealth of knowledge and skills. Arvind gives English Language training to government teachers through Cambridge Press Venture courses. He also gives sessions on soft skills such as confidence building, time management, goal setting, problem-solving, creating happiness etc. so that a teacher can educate students enthusiastically and confidently.

His journey began in 2011, when he traveled to the villages of Gujarat and saw how grass-root level issues were inhibiting the overall progress of communities, state and the Nation. From a mere sabbatical, his journey transformed into a vision of uplifting communities. He worked across India with several NGOs and organizations during this time and was strongly inclined to make a difference with the skills he had acquired over his professional career. When he retired in 2016, he immediately set out to achieve his vision of uplifting the level of education in his motherland. In 2017, he took an opportunity with Pratham to work on the 'Second Chance' program which teaches women who drop out after 10th standard. It was here that he met Mr. Uday Desai of Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation. He was invited to take part in the English Training program of KRSF and since then he has been associated with the foundation. Now, twice every year, he works with our educators and helps create an environment of all-inclusive learning.

InitiativesWe are striving to create a world where all children can have quality education that inspires them to make positive change, in their families, communities and the Nation